After identifying the CAN High and CAN Low cables we then had to find the way to connect to CAN network.

The first alternative is to use the right connector in order to connect the FMS interface to the CAN network, which in its self poses a big challenge and most of the times even impossible to realize, not to mention very expensive because of the necessity to have separate connectors for each connection, when possible, for every vehicle/equipment.

Or you could connect through the cable, after you find a good place to connect, by striping and soldering to it or crimp in order to have a physical CANbus connection.

Now you can avoid all these inconvenience by using CANGOclick.

CANGOclick can be used to read CANbus and J-bus and it’s available in two versions:

  • CANGOclick like cable accesories for FMS/J1708 interfaces, or
  • CANGOclick cable for your trace&tracking devices.

CANGOclick reads vehicle signals without making a wire to wire connection. This technology guarantees that no intrusive signals are send to the vehicle CANbus or J-bus. This eliminates liability matters, warranty issues or wrong connections.

Main Benefits:

  • No direct CANbus and J-bus connection;
  • One cable fits all vehicles/equipments;
  • 100% accurate recovering of CANbus and J-bus data;
  • 100% non-intrusive technology;
  • Safe and reliable reading of CANbus and J-bus data;
  • No soldering, wire cutting or crimping;
  • No physical wire to wire connections.